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These are Spetsnaz/OWA customs by one of our 2nd year Officers and a resident artist, Rick. He is known for his awesome military diorama shots and equally impressive customs! Read More »

Invitation to HeroQuest

Earlier this month forum member Obi Shinobi shared with us his Work In Progress photos of his custom Diorama based on the Miniature Fantasy Board Game called HeroQuest only with one catch.  He’s planning on making the game 1:18th Scale!  I wasn’t privy to HeroQuest or any Miniature Game for that matter however after reading through the responses on the forum and doing some research on my own this is turning into one impressive project.  We have some big plans in place for Obi Shinobi’s Diorama in the future however in the meantime you can view some of his WIP photos on page 2 and check out his WIP thread Here Obi Shinobi has sent out a Invitation to the Fighting118th to help create Fantasy Characters for his HeroQuest project.  The idea to to help populate the game board and potentially set up a live game ... Read More »

Custom 1:18 Samurai Predator by Obi-Shinobi

  Say what? You want a 1:18th scaled Predator to stalk your Joes? To pose with your cancelled JP figure, Recondo, Duke, and Spirit?(We all know they were designed after the characters from the movie!) Well, forum member Obi-Shinobi has done the hard part of putting one together, and I must say that it is fan-freaking-tastic! The figure evokes that subtle terror that the Yautja bring about, and I personally can see many a scenario with this beast skulking in the shadows, watching its prey, calculating their every move, until at last, it strikes!   From the WIP thread for this piece, it seems that he’s using Microman parts for the armor, with MU arms modded onto a Frost Giant torso. The netting used is from a wedding veil, of all things! Superb modding, superb paintwork, and superb parts choices. ... Read More »

Delta Operatives by Obi-Shinobi

Forum member Obi-Shinobi has done it again!  He recently shared his Delta Recon Operatives with the forum. This 4 man squad sports a very realistic vibe that resonates well with the Fighting118th.  The team was completed by using a wide variety of parts including the fan favorite Pursuit of Cobra Shock Trooper.  Obi-Shinobi has always been willing to share his fantastic customs and we can’t wait to see what he has planned next. Here is the Recipes: Heads – random masked styles Torsos – shock trooper Arms – ST and desert Duke/Ripcord Hands – ST and Ret SE Legs – ST and Dusty Weapons – modified Bravo, BBI, and Hasbro Helmets – Bravo Gear – ST vests with added various pouches, and Ret SE vest Packs – Bravo, BBI   You can enjoy individual photos of the team and the full gallery on Page ... Read More »

Tunnel Rat by Cloud Strife

Cloud Strife did it again! He not only made another fantastic figure but he made another Tunnel Rat.  Never satisfied with his first two attempts at creating the popular G.I.Joe figure that was first released all the way back in 1987,  the third time is the charm.  Cloud Strife is a member of the Intel Division and the lead Moderator for the Custom Section at Fighting118th.com.  He earned this title with his outstanding work as a customizer.  Here is a quote from Cloud: This is the 3rd Tunnel Rat I’ve worked on. The previous 2 were okay, but I agreed with the critiques I received regarding the last one I made. It took me awhile to figure out which pieces I was going to use, as I had decided to depart from his original design.  I wanted to keep certain elements a ... Read More »

Airtight by Rick

Officer member Rick is a staple of the Fighting118th.com.  He’s a constant inspiration with his fantastic diorama’s and custom soldiers.  Rick likes to take characters and modernize them to a real world aspect.  A perfect example of this is his Bio Combat Airtight which is based on the 30th Anniversary edition G.I.Joe figure.  Below is a quote from Rick: I painted with Tamiya Dark Yellow, Black wash and brown dry brush.  I left the connection thing on the shoulder that always seems to rub paint off the natural yellow. Figured, why fight it, it can be an indication of a bio grade suit. You can discuss Rick’s custom Airtight Here Also make sure to check out Page 2 for a Full Gallery on Airtight as well as some of Rick’s other figures.   Read More »

Spartan Joe by Obi-Shinobi

Forum Member Obi-Shinobi recently shared his custom “Spartan” Joe with us.  Obi-Shinobi is well respected in the 1:18th customizing community and he’s known for his non military customs on Fighting118th.  He surprised us with his Halo inspired soldier.  As forum members were trying to figure out the recipe,  Obi graciously shared the wide variety of parts used to make this fantastic custom. Head – Ret Joe trooper Torso – Slayer “Mech Hunter” Upper arms – Roc accelerator Lower arms – SW Republic Commando Hands – Roc accelerator Upper legs – Roc accelerator Lower legs – IM2 War Machine (knee pads removed) Chest rig – Ret Zartan gear (trimmed) Front pouches – Bravo Team Back grenades – Ret Cobra trooper gear (trimmed) Assault rifle – Ret Joe trooper (modified with Marauder scope, and some SW blast effect)   Visit Here to discuss Obi-Shinboi’s custom Spartan ... Read More »