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Cover Girl in Coveralls by Fled74

Forum Officer Fled74 recently shared his custom Cover Girl in coveralls with us and also took the time to answer a few questions about how he got into collecting and customizing: Q.  What got you into collecting 1:18 scale figures and vehicles, and how long have you been collecting them? A. I had a few ARAH Joes when I was 10 or so (in 1984), and it didn’t take long for me to start swapping their body parts around. I outgrew them (or so I thought) a few years later, only to rediscover them in 2003 when I picked up a few Valor Vs Venom figures at TRU. I noted the improved sculpting, but I still found them lacking (mainly the articulation and body proportions). Thanks to Australian retailers, we never got the 25th Anniversary line. It wasn’t until I ... Read More »

Slayer Design Studios Interview: Part II

Slayer Heads, Torsos, and Figure Kits

Hopefully you’re picking back up from Part I of our interview with Dave from Slayer Design Studios. If you missed it, be sure to check it out here to find out more about SDS. In addition to our main interview, we opened the questions up to members of the Fighting 1:18th and they supplied their own questions. Below are the burning questions that have SDS fans curious about the past and future of Slayer. Learn a bit more from Dave as he gives insight into things such as how well naked action figures sell, tips on learning to cast yourself, and a breakdown of their own casting process in layman’s terms. Q17: How long have you been making molds and casting? Dave: 7 years now. Q18: What precautions need to be made when working on casting? Dave: The SlayerCons are the best ... Read More »