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MGS3 Snake by Marine Deadpool

MGS3 Snake by Marine Deadpool

Forum member Marine Deadpool delivers another knockout punch courtesy of his latest custom, MGS3 Snake! Now, I am mostly unfamiliar with the MGS series of games, but don’t tar and feather me just yet! After some research to find some in game images to make comparisons, it looks to me like Marine Deadpool has created a fairly accurate representation of the game character, and we’re glad that he’s decided to share this with us here at the Fighting 1:18th!

“Here is my take on MGS3 Snake. I used a mix of Tamiya and Testors Model Masters Acrylics. The Tamiya was used for camo, Testors for flesh color.”

by Marine DeadpoolThe parts breakdown are as follows:

– SDS Snake head with sculpted bandanna

– 25th Viper/Mutt Torso

– 25th Viper Upper arms

– Resolute SE Lower arms and hands, sculpted modified gloves

– Jungle Duke legs and feet, reversed knee joints.

– Sculpted sheath

– lower Harness belt and holster from WWII Forces of Valor figure from Target. I bought this about two years ago. You may be able to find one in the paratroopers they sale.

– modified Upper harness from 25TH Roadblock

– two different sized wires for the comm piece

– Modified M-4 into Patriot with metal tubing for barrel. Not sure who made the M-4, but it was a cheap rubber one. Worked out pretty good for this application.

-Smaller framed .45 from 25th Joe line with plastic styrene tube for suppressor

A big thanks goes out to Marine Deadpool for sharing his work with us!

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