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X Review: Airborne

X Review: Airborne


On the body by itself, paint is sparse. A dab of black around the ankles, and flesh for the face. Otherwise, he’s molded in that beige color. The gear however, has blues, grays, dashes of red and silver. It gives a nice splash of color reminiscent of the classic figure, without being too overbearing and obnoxious.


He’s got just the right accessories for a HALO trooper. Helmet, the parachute gear, leg straps, tactical shotgun and an SMG. Granted, he’s got nowhere to store anything on his person, but customizers could certainly fashion some straps for the guns to help hold them to the figure in jump poses.

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  1. This pack is the only thing being restocked at my local Target! Great deal for $19.99 too.. since the damn single figs are $9.99 each..

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