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  • Lol...I don't know...I got it a couple years ago...someone had the chair she came with posted in a pic and I asked where it came from...they pointed me in the right direction but I don't even recall what that was or who told me about it...sorry man...
    How does someone in the states get one of those?...and what do they run?...any clue?...I love that "sick" culture
    Haha, thanks man...I kinda want one...what a great piece to display and get people gasping/blushing :D

    Why are the "areas" all whited out?...is that an anime thing?
    Hey...I slacked off...I'll be dropping the Shippy head off at the PO this afternoon...hopefully you haven't been camped out at the mailbox
    She's occasionally on the lumpy side, but for the most part, quite nice...she's really cute...


    Edit: pic not working
    I am...they typically have freckles and pale skin which I dig...not to mention the hair and typically light colored eyes...
    No kidding...there's so many other cool mods...General Lee, Batmobile, A-Team van, Mystery Machine...

    GTA V can't come soon enough
    Well, at least it's a prequel...get some back story...though, I'm not sure I would care if it wasn't for Vera...
    Thank you :)

    I love her pin up type stuff...and her eyes...mmmm...they make the rest of her so much hotter
    Hey - one thought about your list: when you say "bazooka" you are talking about the panzerschreck, right? OK -just checking.

    I've got you packed up (and then some) - almost ready to go!
    Alright! She's good - I can do that! Those grease guns are pretty damn nice - the best sculpt on an XD gun from 21st C, IMO. Did you notice the M1 Carbine with the folded stock (21st C)? Not too bad either (it's got the mag pouch).

    So, we're good for 1 DG Shipwreck and a Red Ninja, is that right? Cool. Just lemme have your address and on Monday it's all headed your way!

    Thanks, KT

    - Will
    Found what? A Red Ninja?!?!?! Wow - cool - It seems that K-Mart is the only place I've ever seen Retaliation. Ouch - $10, I know, I know . . . Mighty kind of you.

    So whad'ya want for him (if it's a Red Nin yer talkin about) and a DG Shipwreck - I can double your current list of Dragon gear, except for the FG42 and mag bandoleer, as I only have the one set.

    You just say the word!
    FG 42 and magazine bandoleer - CHECK
    MP 40 extended stock x2 and 1 pouch/belt. CHECK
    StG 44 x2, and their corresponding pouches/belts. CHECK
    1 each of the two oak leaf pattern zeltbahns. CHECK
    M3 grease gun CHECK
    M1A1 carbine with stock extended CHECK
    knuckle knife CHECK
    21st paratrooper helmet CHECK
    BAR with belt/pouch CHECK
    Bazooka CHECK

    I'm also looking for the Red Ninjas from the Retaliation line as well. That would be my first choice, but besides that . . . how's all the above gear for 1 SW and 1 SS (or a C-Trooper instead of SS, if you happened to pick one up recently). I know the Ninjas are more pricey, but you could have as much gear as you like!


    - Will
    Hey KT - still looking for some jank? Jus' tryin' to help a ninja out, ya know?

    Seriously, still mulling it over? No pressure - I know you've been workin on your Huey (love the stripes)!

    I was able to come up with another boot knife, although it is knuckle-less.
    Could the M1967 double as a mag pouch for an M4? If not, I know it would be due to the dimensions of the pouch. What changes would need to be made?
    Hey man, I was wanting to suggest some specific pouches for TofuJesse to cast and sell, but wanted you input. What would you consider to be the best pouches in the 1:18 scale? Some in particular would be ones that would work for M4's and rifles with similar sized mags, and then pouches for sidearms?
    KT: I've got 1 knife with Knuckles! It belongs with the figure with the Mohawk (can't think of his name). I may have another, somewhere, but I definitely have at least 1.
    Ah yes, the cool knife with the knuckles - I know exactly what you're talking about!

    Thanks on the Avengers look-see. Yeah, there was a Hawkeye in the first wave, but it was the Comic version. Now, in wave 3, they've got a movie version - that's the one I'm looking for! You'll know it when you see it! Thanks, dude!
    Sorry, I'm not down at the shoppe right now, but I will be later and I can check on that item then. You are referring to the boot-knives and such, right? Yeah, thought so. I must have some spare of those, but prolly not too many - I'll know for sure by this evening. Can't wait to see your list!

    Hey, lemme ask you about Avengers 4" the wave with movie Black Widow and Hawkeye - have you seen any in your area? So far it looks like they've hit CA, AZ & TX. I'm in KY and we usually get pretty good distribution of stuff here, but these are showing up in Targets first, it seems and the nearest Target is about 100 miles. I'm needing pretty bad a Black Widow & Hawkeye. Just thought I'd ask.
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