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  • who is this? You better watch out motherfucker! When the real NSA finds out who hacked his account and started posting and updating the front page... shits gonna hit the fan son.
    Dude, what's a brother need to do around here to get some posting space. I hate the large thumbnail view where I gotta down load from another site. Pain in my ass you know. Upload photos to tinypic then copy paste to this place. WTF
    Oh, maybe Blood did it? I dunno, somehow Cloud had access. I thought you did it yesterday, because he previously couldn't view the B/S/T section, and then he could. I dunno. (You can delete this if you want.)
    Yea. I know we are ad free but I'm sure you can figure something out. He has a really cool site and having a 1:18 banner on his site might really help the traffic here.... If that's something you want
    Meh. I dunno. I'd like to think mine is better. But he does all sorts of circuits and shit, too. I just try to keep mine simple.
    Shit, let me think. Missing the starboard side cannon access door, whatever actually goes in that area, starboard side lower engine access panel (yeah, didn't find out about that until it arrived, nice, huh?

    It appears the starboard sided TOWs are completely gone, and they SHOULDN'T be. I need to look for those, Starboard Hydra 70 pod has fallen off. There is a pair of TOWs missing on the port side, it's missing the line cutter for under the cockpit, the tail stinger and that pitot tube up there on the engine housing.

    Finally, 2/3s of the cannon is gone.

    Really piece of shit, and most of this shit was gone before i got it. *grimaces and spits*
    Life has been crazy... havent been on any forums at all in the last few months. Thought I would drop by! =)
    where do i find the sight rules? I am wanting to swap out my avatar but don't want to break any rules with a sexy pic.
    Yeah... got to meet Conan O'Brien... that was cool. Picked up 98% of the exclusives I wanted, but the crowd & the crowd "controllers" really sucked. Next year I'm hoping that some of my buddies that I helped out this year will return the favor next year.
    It was great meeting you as well! My wife & I left town on Friday... couldn't take it anymore. The Con has gone into the toilet these last 14 years. Probably going to take a break from it for a few years.
    Put a link up to your front page article over there. I may go down town and try to sling the pass. I'm up in the air about it.
    Just wanted to give you a personall thankyou for the reports from SDCC. Excellent job. Thankyou!!
    You up brah'? I'm getting around now. Do you have an eraser or anything for the pen mark? We can probably get through again. Just sayin'. :D
    Shit! I just looked and the figure didn't get shipped! This sucks! I might have it to you for sat. or sun. I totally screwed this up, super sorry!
    yeah, somehow me and my wife are on a new car schedual that gets us into the modle right when its on its way out within the next few months the new version comes out...lame
    Everything is in hand now. The shirts actually look pretty damn good! I'll get a few pics up later once I do some e bay shat.
    X-Plan is for non-relatives...i'll need some personal info to get one for you...

    full name
    last for of social
    the car (year and make) you left behind

    i think thats it..PM me those details and i'll call and get a PIN for you to give to the dealer...BTW, they'll likely be pi$$ed you have one
    i see...it was metalic...yeah, i get why that would be prefered...

    don't remember if you have a hook up, but if you don't, and you decide to get another Ford, i'll give you an X-plan if you'd like
    When you have a second take a glance at the stuff for SDCC and let me know yay or nay and on what. I would like to order today or tomorrow at the latest on stuff if we decide to go with any of it. Either way, I'll be getting the buttons. Would you rather they go to the front page or forums?
    No biggie. I'll get 'er dun'. Do you have some business card styles that you want me to print up? I can get the paper for it later today. I figure maybe we should both have one? What say you?
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