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Hello everyone... I'm reporting in with my brief notes on the 2009 SDCC Hasbro G.I. Joe panel. One of my friends "forgot" to get in line while I was at the Hasbro Toy Shop booth so we got to sit all the way in the back, which was fine as Hasbro really had a poor showing as far as Audio/Visual material. I got a few pictures but they turned out bad, and were very uninspiring.

SDCC 09 – Hasbro G.I. Joe Panel Notes

Finally, they mentioned they are WORKING on a Resolute box-set, slated for 2010 sometime, it’s not finalized, but they all love Resolute as much as we do, so they are excited to continue that universe. I imagine they are giving time for the RoC universe to take hold before expanding, so not to confuse people.

There is no planned Transformers crossover planned, as there is enough material going around for each franchise, but they may revisit it in the future. Also Shockwave is not 100% transformer, Shockblast is the new Joe from now on.

That is my writeup for the panel, thanks for reading! It wasn’t terribly exciting, they showed a few trailers for the upcoming EA Game, but there was really nothing overly exciting about the game that’s worth mentioning. There are some unlockables, like ARAH inspired uniforms and a few easter eggs, but the graphics look pretty cheesy overall.

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