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General Dynamics Light Armored Vehicle LAV-25

General Dynamics Light Armored Vehicle LAV-25


Exterior Interior Paint Construction Figure Overall
C D- C B- n/a

Overall is NOT an Average.

The Unimax LAV is a solid piece, something I expect from Unimax, but the lack of weathering and an interior make this whole vehicle a pass for most modern collectors. Unimax has compromised it’s own quality standards here and I hope they can recover with their next new offering. I hope this shoddy job was done as a rush in order to replace the unproduced Stryker in the line up quickly.

header_notesAs of August 28th, 2009 this is only available at Toys R’ Us as part of the Assault Force line up from Unimax.

For comparison, here is a shot of the LAV in comparison to some the Unimax 1:18 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle and the Power Team Elite 1:18 Type 92 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

lav_vs_bradley lav_vs_type92
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  1. Funny how UNIMAX makes the Stryker in smaller scale but not in 1:18th. If they did; it would surely sell. Quite immensely I might add.

  2. Almost forgot, the V on the vehicle represents 3rd Platoon

  3. Does the back of the vehicle have names on it? If it does, then you are correct it is C Co 1st LAR, I also saw this at Toy’r’us. The vehicle was commanded by my platoon sgt, Ssgt Kirby. I noticed that all the names on the back were spelled wrong, I am sure on purpose.

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