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Toy Notch Q&A

Toy Notch Q&A

Let’s get to the questions….

118th: During your Toy Fair presentation it was shown that wave 1 would be released during June-July. Is that time frame still accurate?

TN: Everything is on schedule so far, and we hope nothing pops up to cause any delays. You should be seeing the preorders soon.

118th: Can you share with us a confirmed listing of what will be released in wave 1?

TN: Wave 1-Humans
LP2 Vagabundo
LP2 Jungle Pirate
LP2 Ex-Nevec
LP2 Waysider Femme
LP2 Mercenary
LP3 Jim Peyton
LP3 Caleb Isenberg
Wave 1 VS – Evax
Wave 1.5 VS – Hardballer

118th: How will we be able to purchase your product? Will it make it to the big box retailers or will they be through online dealers?

TN: The products will be available at toy specialty stores, comic shops and online.

118th: How many waves of releases are planned or does it depend on the sales of wave 1?

TN: We’ve planned through wave two so far, but we need to see how well wave 1 is received first. We are a very young company, and many still don’t know us. We hope our initial offerings sell well enough to allow us to continue the line!

118th: We noticed that the EVAX mech has a suggested price of $80. Can you share the suggested price for the rest of wave 1, specifically the figures?

TN: The human figures will be $21.00 USD each. Evax will be $80.00. We have a very low production number for this line, therefore the price is higher than other brands. Also with the increased production cost in China, it is very hard for us to maintain the $10-15 price point. Our production number might be even lower than the Joe Con exclusives, and we don’t have the luxury of being able to use pre-existing molds.

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