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    The Slithering Dead

    You always do great Zombies Med!
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    [Contest] Zombieland

    This was a Officer only Contest that recently concluded. It's now time to pick a winner! Rules and Prizes will be in Post #2 and then every entry will get it's own post.
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    Marvel: Phase Three

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    Marvel: Phase Three

    His contract ends after A3. First I've heard about the split movie clause. I'm sure they will compensate the actors in some way. Some people are speculating that not all the actors will be in both parts of A3. A common rumor right now is that part 1 will feature the new roster like Black...
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    Shermans on the Move

    Nice Shots!
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    1/18 MAISTO Humvee custom painted

    Looks great!
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    Thanks for sharing this!
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    Somewhere in the Ardennes...

    Great shots!
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    Marvel: Phase Three

    Talk about a news day. Holy fuck! I'm most excited for Cap 3 and Black Panther. I'm bummed that Hawkeye isn't getting a film or at least a shared film with BW.
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    Marvel: Phase Three

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    Marvel: Phase Three

    Hell yeah he does. The shot towards the end with Caps shield made me sad.
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    Marvel: Phase Three

    hahaha. It's funny that you posted the link but you're the only one not able to watch it :wtf: