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Battlefield 3 Review

Battlefield 3 Review

BF3 is loaded with extra content including a pre order DLC titled “Back to Karkand”.  This DLC gives you 4 popular maps from BF2,  10 weapons,  4 new vehicles and 5 new trophies.  Players who didn’t pre order can purchase it for $15.

Another extra bonus is the “Battlefield Premium” which costs you $50 and will grant you early access to all 5 planned expansion packs,  double experience points and exclusive in game items.  The Premium package will give you 20 extra maps when it’s all said and done.

I mentioned above that EA has 5 DLC’s planned for BF3.  Other than the “Back to Karkand”,  the only other one that has been released is called “Close Quarters”.  Close Quarters is being dubbed by gamers “Battlefield: CoD”.  It features 4 new maps that are infantry orientated and 10 new weapons.  It also has a brand new game mode called Conquest Domination.  This is Conquest adapted for smaller areas.

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